Girls Track: Optimism Brings Success

Alan Shootech

Spring is the time when sports truly come into play in the natural outer environment. The Malden High School girls outdoor track team displays their sportsmanship in the practices they endure each day. The girls take upon themselves the responsibility to train and work hard towards their goals in adherence to what they enjoy doing.

As the season begins to unveil the new potential and possibilities, along with all the newcomers joining, the girls track team endeavors further practice under the rejoined summer bound heat. The girls plan to further strive in outdoor as they had previously done before. Although, this time they plan on working harder than ever to win their meets and possibly to qualify for states. Coach David Londino insists that, “Haley DeFillipis, Haley Dowdie, Lauren Benoit, Iris Feng, and Jackie Bouley [are] the core of the team.” He declares ambitiously how they, “had impressive indoor seasons and are returning for outdoor.” They greatly take the responsibility upon themselves and manage the rest of the girls team, whether they’re on a run or doing a workout.

Although the girls team has a seemingly bright path up ahead in their season, they still face many struggles with their team composition and how they will communicate amongst each other in order to sort out their problems. Londino insists that the girls team, “must focus on working hard each practice, and make sure they are giving themselves the proper nourishment in order to keep healthy.”Londino explains how, “Haley DeFilippis is in her twelfth and final season.  Who she is as a runner, leader, and person is extremely impressive, and I’m just hoping our young runners are watching her and learning from her while she’s here.” He hopes to receive many new members this year, since his numbers are commonly not as high as he would like.

Freshman Victoria Hannafin reflects back about her team and how, “[they] get along well, and if during a workout [they are] doing something wrong then [they will] help each other out. Sometimes [they will] run together but [it is] usually in different groups.” Even with their great communicative skills, Hannafin mentions that their biggest challenge this season will be Cambridge. With great optimism, Hannafin declares that being a part of the girls track team feels “like being part of a family.”

There are a variation of girls this year along with the talents they present which are beneficial to some of the other events, such as the javelin throw and shot put.

Overall, the season seems to bring much optimism and further improvement in their passion and skills for their sport. Much is expected from the girls as they strive to keep their winning record.

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