Baseball: Opportunities Through Perseverance

Alan Shootech With spring approaching, athletes at Malden High School are anxious for a new season. The MHS baseball team is taking advantage of their time and gathering new potential members, along with a renewed ambition to train hard, they still have one goal for the season: to win all their games. The start of the season led to many influential changes that are better enhancing the team’s ability to compete amongst each other and to better maintain and increase their numbers. Although there were some competitive setbacks last year against opposing teams, the team still managed to work hard and pull themselves back into the state tournament last season. Coach Kevin Carpenito mentions how, “[the team has] made the state tournament eight out of the 12 years [he has] been here. Aside from all that, Carpenito desires to keep the team strong in order to continue forward and “get back into states again.” With perseverance, the team plans on continuing their season with the responsibility of enduring their rivals and enhancing their abilities to surpass them with ease. All of the coaches assist each other and perform their jobs with great adequacy. They truly work together and help improve every member on the team that they feel has potential or appear to have an admirable outcome with further practice. Carpenito explains how, “coaching high school baseball was always a goal of mine.” He mainly associates himself with the varsity baseball players, while coach Matt Gillis coaches the junior varsity and Bill Hanifan coaches the freshmen team. In a tireless effort, the team persistently gains what is the most important factor on the team as considered by Carpenito: “determination.” Carpenito feels that the team serves a greater purpose with the work they put in and the bonds they form as they continue throughout each season, and he feels that the current season will be the same. Although the baseball team has many opportunities to look forward to and  many challenges that they must endeavor, they have the skills necessary to help them accomplish their goals in the upcoming season. Varsity Roster Austin Teal Bradley Applin Adam Lucey Dante Steene Eliezer Hernandez Jacob Martino Chuckie Gibson John Willcox Rodney Morton Nick Powers Spencer Agulair Andre Lasiter

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