Freshmen run away from zombies during this year’s Zombie Tag, a tradition brought back by the Class of 2015 and the Fine Arts Club. Photo by Manale Zouhir
By MANALE ZOUHIR The fall season means Halloween, and Halloween means everything scary, which of course includes zombies. The Fine Arts Club and the Class of 2015 Club collaborated to create zombie tag, which is exactly what it sounds like. You might be familiar with the children’s game called tag. The only difference is that instead of running around a playground screaming “Not it!” and chasing your friends trying to tap their shoulder, there are actually “zombies” involved in this game. First, you have to be prepared. Every player was told to bring at least three pairs of rolled up socks, and you had to buy a ticket for $3 for admission or $5 if you wanted admission and food. When you walk in, you get a number written on your hand. The game took place mostly around the Jenkins and Boyle bridges and surrounding locations. However, it eventually expanded around a larger part of the school. Basically, every player gets a yellow bandana. You start off as a human, and tie it around your neck. Then, you run around trying your best not to get hit by the “zombies”, which are those who have the bandanas tied around their forehead. If a zombie hits you with a sock, then you become a zombie, and take your bandana off your neck and put it around your forehead. Once you get hit, you have to go to the main hallway and tell the people running the event who hit you (their number). Then, that person gets a point. Then continue on the the game trying to convert others to zombies by hitting them. If you remain human at the end, then you’ve won. Then, the next round starts. There were three rounds in total, and each game moves pretty quickly. The game was a lot of fun to many, as said by freshman player Zeina Greige. “I had a lot of fun, I just wish that the lights were off so that it could be more interesting.” However, it would’ve been unsafe to play the game in the dark in case anyone got injured or hurt running away. The idea from zombie tag came to Fine Arts Club advisor Maryann Seager three years ago. “I saw them do it at UMASS Boston. I read about it and then modified the rules to make it safer and fun. Originally, it was played with NERF guns but I knew that they were not as affordable, so we decided to use socks.” Overall, the game pleased most people, but might have been a bit chaotic for some. “It was really fun, and everybody went crazy!” stated freshman Wendy Nguyen. Next year, says Seager, “we want to use a bigger area and maybe modify the rules a bit to make it more fun for everybody.” After the game, there was pizza served as well as a choice of soda or water. Everyone socialized while music was played, but only for those who paid $2 extra for their ticket. Both clubs have worked very hard to bring this event to the high school, and many would say that it was successful.

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