By ASHLEY LEUNG and CHAIMAE EL ADLOUNI The spring concert happens every May and always brings its best talent and hardworking students. The amazing show is hosted by Malden High School’s Choral Arts Society. The Choral Arts society has put a lot of effort and time into making the spring concert the best it can be by “having daily rehearsals” explains music teacher Todd Cole. On May 7th, the different levels of the Choral Arts Society performed a variety of songs. Some of them included solos sung by soloists freshman Sara Beaton, sophomore Sarah Bendell and junior Abigaëlle Leblance. The choir team have all joined together to rehearse and entertain the audience as a team, Bendell explains how the group “looks out for one another [and] take care of each other.” Different varieties of music such as spiritual, folk, pop, and Renaissance pieces were performed by the Choral Art Society in the past. Instead many different genre of music were performed at this year’s concert including songs performed in English, Latin, Creole, German, French Czech, and Italian. The concert began with the Mixed Chorus, starting the show off with “The Rhythm of Life” from Sweet Charity. After, they performed “Et In Terra Pax”, and then introduced Beaton with her solo for “Where’re You Walk”, a song that all of the members of mixed chorus have practiced in class before. After, they performed the song “Wangol” and “An die Musik”, both of which were in different languages. The last song the Mixed Chorus sang was “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel”, which is also Cole’s favorite song that the mixed chorus performed because of the high energy. After the Mixed Chorus left the stage, the Madrigal singers came onto the risers. They performed several different songs, such as “Flora Gave Me Fairest Flowers,” “Mia benigna fortuna,” “Leave, alas, this tormenting,” “Lean on Me,” and “If we only have love.” Their performances were in a variety of different languages, delighting the audience. Following the Madrigal singers the Concert Choir took over the show. They sang many different songs including “From the end of the Earth,” and “Prsi, Prsi.” Cole expresses that “progress is made in little steps. The choir does their absolute best to amaze the audience as well as themselves.” He hopes that the singers will take his advice. In the future, he advises the singers to “practice [their] music and practice [their] craft,” and that knowing music and actually executing good vocal technique are different things. In the show, seniors were given roses as a token of their hard work and commitment to the choir. The seniors also did a group song as a memory of their last moments in chorus.

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