Cheerleading Senior Profile: Charlee Ruddock

Senior cheerleader, Charlee Ruddock, posing for her profile.
Senior cheerleader, Charlee Ruddock, posing for her profile.

As the end of the fall season comes along, so does senior Charlee Ruddock’s last cheerleading season here at Malden High School. Ruddock has been a cheering since the age of 10, and for the Golden Tornadoes since her sophomore year. Cheering has always been an important aspect to Ruddocks’ life as she stated that “throughout high school cheerleading has always been [her] favorite thing to look forward to.” Since the sport is one that requires rigorous training, Ruddock’s dedication shows through her  “always looking forward to each practice, game, or competition.”

Being a two season athlete, Ruddock also plays lacrosse in the spring, which she also started her sophomore year. In addition to sports, Ruddock thoroughly enjoys her senior math class- AMDM. Taught by MHS teacher, Sarah Jones, Ruddock appreciates “[how Jones] always has something new every class and keeps it interesting for everyone.”

Though MHS has brought Ruddock various memories that she will keep forever, her favorite was her junior year pep rally during Thanksgiving time. It was then where “it was [Ruddock’s] first time ever doing the cheering competition routine in front of the whole school” as one of the various acts that occur in the gymnasium in order to energize the entire school for the annual Medford vs. Malden football game on Thanksgiving day. Ruddock explained how “it was so exciting to show [the school] what my team and I could do” and described the schools’ reaction as a “great feeling, to see them all cheer for us.”

As a role model in her senior class as well as on her cheerleading team, Ruddock recommends to younger classmen to join a sport or club team while at MHS. Ruddock admits that “getting involved really is a lot of fun, and you meet a lot of new people that you never thought you would be friends with.”

Ruddock prepares to finish her senior year here at MHS, she is planning on joining the army when she graduates. Ruddock explains how she would “serve and explore” rather than go to college. As the cheerleading season comes to a close, Ruddock leaves her final farewells to being on the sidelines at the Friday night football games and looks forward to the rest of her senior year.


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