The Search for the New Principal Commences

Principal Dana Brown addressing the panel. Photo by Jasper Haag.
Principal Dana Brown addressing the panel. Photo by Jasper Haag.

It is the end of an era for principal Dana Brown who has been the principal of Malden High School for 12 years. Brown has contributed greatly to the school as well as the Malden community.

With Brown leaving, MHS is tasked with finding a new principal. The Principal Search Committee is responsible for the process of finding a new principal. The purpose of the committee team is to recommend 1-3 candidates to the superintendent to be the next principal for MHS. The committee team is separated into four different section, consisting of the Community Committee, the High School Committee, the Search Committee and the Interview Committee.

The Community Committees asks the community on the qualities they believe the next principal should have. Concerning the High School Committee’s job, they take into consideration the MHS staff’s recommendations for the new principal. On the search committee, members recommend potential candidates to the Interview Committee.

The team has already met three times. During the meetings the committee has addressed as to where they should look for candidates. The interviewing process starts in December and the superintendent has planned to choose the new principal by the beginning of 2016. MHS students and staff will be sad to see Brown leave this year but he has made a lasting impact on the school and the Malden community as a whole.


The Blue and Gold will continue to cover this process.  There will be A Day in the Life video of Mr. Brown coming soon.

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