Boys Cross Country: Q & A With Steven Ao

1. What made you start running?

My friends recommended cross country to me freshman year, I decided to try it out and do running. I did it the first season and thought it was okay so I stuck with it and continued doing it for the rest of my four years in high school. It's been one of my greatest experiences.

2. Were your expectations for this season fulfilled?

I wouldn't say this season was difficult, but as a team we've put in a lot of hard work, like I know I've gotten better as an individual, and that's what makes us better as a team. I would say my expectations were met because a lot of our runners ran at their best times this year, we've been hitting our goals and having a better team on average than years past.

3. Looking back at yourself freshman year, would you say you've come a long way?

I would say I've come a long way since I first started running, because in the beginning obviously I wasn't as fast or as strong as I now am. I'm hitting the goals expected as a senior for running.

4. This is your last year running cross country; how does that make you feel?

I would say it's bittersweet, because at times I wish I had one more year to do cross country to improve. Unfortunately, I might not be able to continue running in college because of studies and all that, but I'll really miss the aspect of cross country, the whole team and the coach as well because I won't have those people in my life anymore. I'll definitely visit them, but obviously it won't be the same.

5. How do you think cross country has affected you?

Besides becoming more physically fit, I feel it has taught me a lot of discipline, and camaraderie. It taught me how to be a teammate and work with others. I feel like my horizons have been expanded thanks to the sport. It's really enriched my life in a way that I can't describe.

Senior James Ao running in the GBL meet.
Senior James Ao running in the GBL meet.

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