Golf: Swingin’ to the End

The Malden High School golf season comes to an end. The team faced a very tough season, as they had lost a lot of seniors who were key members. Although the record was 3-10, the season was meant to be more focused on rebuilding the program. In those regards, the team was able to show that even though they did not have the best record, they worked hard to improve their game, which was very evident in how they played.

This year, the team was led by seniors Nicholas Andreucci and Brian Batting and coached by Richard Malatesta. Even though the team was quite young and new in terms of the average amount of experience between the members, they were able to give a good display of leadership. The team was able to grow not just as individual golfers, but also as a team under their guidance.

While the season may have been a tough one, captain Andreucci explained how “[he] felt like [he] did the best [he] could have.” Junior Nicholas Ansaldi is one of the latest additions to the golf team. While new to the team, he expressed how although the record may not show the true talent of the team, he still “is impressed with the performance [of the team].”

Ansaldi felt that “for the first time legitimately golfing on courses, [he believed he] did a very good job this season.” To his surprise, head coach Malatesta agreed with his thoughts and thus, “[Ansaldi] was chosen as the captain for next year’s team by Malatesta.” Upon discovery of his promotion, Ansaldi became very excited, that he, a first year player, was deemed good enough to be chosen as next year’s captain.

With the captain for next year chosen, MHS and the golf team bids farewell to this season’s captains Andreucci and Batting. Not only are the captains leaving, seniors Rory Milan, Christopher Ansaldi, and Blue & Gold member Liam Elliott also are, as they will all graduate from Malden High and move on to college. Without a doubt, all of them have gained a love and respect for the game of golf, which is a testament to their time on the MHS golf team.

No matter the record, MHS remains truly proud of the hard work it’s golfers have put into the season. Malden High wishes Nicholas Ansaldi and the rest of the team the best of luck as they rebuild themselves for the upcoming season.  


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