Introducing Sowing Opportunities, Inc.

Malden residents Fern and Ginny Remedi-Brown founded a non-profit organization called “Sowing Opportunities Inc.” and it consists of a board of directors, but is mostly run by the Remedi-Browns.

The Remedi-Browns started this project when their adoptive daughter wanted to reconnect with her biological mother in Guatemala. When the family’s associate and friend Ricardo traveled to the village, they found that it was destitute and forgotten by the Guatemalan government. Their daughter’s biological mother along with many others in the village were living with sickness and poverty. The Remedi-Browns found that a major issue in Chajmaic was that the river that the villagers used was contaminated with human waste, due to the villagers using the river for all their conventional needs.

Their mission became to create an environment for this community that allowed them to live free of poverty and sickness, but in a way that did not make them reliant on people such as the Remedi-Brown’s. They wanted to make the people in Chajmaic self-dependent. In response to this, the Remedi-Brown’s decided that the first step was to make sure that they could deliver clean water to them from the nearby river, el Rio Cahabòn, to the village. They believed that since most of the illnesses in the village came from the contaminated water, so if they were able to solve this problem, it would eliminate most of the disease in the community.  

Sowing Opportunities Inc. is also considering created and implementing project in which the villagers would be able to farm chili peppers to create a source of income.

Sowing Opportunities Inc. is much more than a non-profit organization; it is a remarkable way of instilling hope in the villagers of Chajmaic, but it is still far from finished. The Remedi-Browns require help in order to continue improving the lives of these people. They want help in the form of partners in Malden. The Remedi-Browns want people to be aware of not only their organization, but also of the problem itself. Spreading the word about unhealthy sanitation problems around the world is a key part of helping stop the issue. If you would like to help Sowing Organization Inc. or to learn more about the project, visit 

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