*****Be Warned: Spoilers Ahead******

Elseworlds is the fifth annual crossover event between Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Known as the “Arrowverse,” the shows are featured on The CW network. After the crossover, the shows usually have their midseason finale and continue after the new year. This year’s crossover was different and will bring many new changes to the network.

One of the biggest things that upset me was the casting. The Arrowverse consists of four shows that are based on the lives of superheroes and how they save the world while dealing with their own problems. This year, however, did not feature the DC’s Legends which is definitely one of my favorite shows. In the recent episode that aired around the time of the crossover, the show mentioned the crossover event though. The crossovers usually have four episodes total and are aired on each show throughout the week it aired.

Arrow is about Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his struggle to transition back to his normal life after being stuck on an island for five years and being presumed dead. He comes back to Star City and becomes the Green Arrow and fights crime as a vigilante. In the latest season, his secret identity was revealed and he serves time in prison until a few months later when he is released but everything has changed while he was gone. The Flash stars Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), a speedster who battles meta-humans like him who use their powers for evil. Every season, a new villain challenges Barry and his team in new ways that leave fans crawling back for more. Supergirl features the epic adventures of Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) and her life living on Earth after she was sent from Krypton to protect her cousin, who grew up to be Superman. The latest season tackles the issue of hate crimes against aliens which could be seen in significant relation between current events now.

I enjoy watching these series because the main characters are all heroes but they solve problems in different ways and would not always be considered heroes in a conventional way. I have always looked forward to watching the crossovers. Last years, in my opinion, was good but some plots in the story were upsetting to see play out throughout the shows.

The Legends of Tomorrow cast responding to questions at Comic Con. Photo from Wikimedia.

Elseworlds was fun and exciting to watch but I also did not enjoy different aspects of it. Watching all my favorite shows come together is always exciting and seeing Barry and Oliver switch places was funny to watch. However, I felt that the plot was not explained very well because the origin of the evil coming to their Earth was never explained thoroughly. For someone who has never read the comics, I am impressed with the way the shows are produced.

The most captivating news about Elseworlds is the new addition to the arrowverse. Although it has not been confirmed, Batwoman/Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) is expected to have her own show on the network. I enjoyed watching Rose act in the show and am excited for what the future holds for her character.

The end of the finale also hinted at another crossover, Crisis On Infinite Earths. This will be next years crossover and hopefully air in the Fall of 2019. The regularly scheduled episodes will continue to air on January 15th-21st.

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