Hey Nedlam, I’ve been a bit worried lately. I’ve been contemplating on going to prom or not. There’s someone I’d really like to ask and with prom right around the corner, I’m not sure how I should do it; let alone when. Do you have any tips?

Dear Anonymous, 

Thank you so much for reaching out! Prom can be a very eventful evening for many people, so long as its done right. What better way to do it then to start with why you should even consider prom!

Prom may not be a big deal to some of you but to others, it could be extremely important. Honestly, I think everyone should seriously consider attending, it is afterall our last chance to let loose before going off into the world. Let’s face it, we are graduating in just a few months, so what better way to spend your last days of high school then with an amazing party!

If you are worried because you do not have a prom date, then let me fill you in on some suggestions. First off, yes, I know going alone probably sounds terrible and you feel like you will be the laughing stock right? Wrong! There is absolutely nothing wrong with going alone. It does not mean you are limited to having a good time with people who are there. Plus, the idea of going alone and stunting on everyone down that red carpet while withholding self-confidence sounds like a fantastic idea to me! But of course there are other ideas too, such as going with a friend(s) or even asking someone you really like to be your date. 

Now, if you want to go with someone, how are you supposed to ask? I mean in a world of social media and high expectations, how do you not get embarrassed. High school is full of drama, relationships and crushes, so how are you supposed to actually ask someone to prom in such a chaotic environment? 

Well, first you need to figure out who you want to go with and why. Whether it’s a girl, boy, friend or partner, the who and why are probably the most important. You want to make sure you are going with someone you are going to have fun with, but also someone that you feel comfortable with. For example, if they don’t like attention, a big sign with a bunch of help from people to make the question extravagant, probably is not the way to go however, if they like attention, they would probably love that! It’s also a great idea to personalize the question, like if they love Nike, make a sign with something like “just do it and go to prom with me” or if they like soccer then ask something like “it’s my goal to go to prom with you” and maybe draw a soccer ball on the poster. Fun little things like that show that you not only know them, but you care and want to put in the effort! 

The most important thing to remember is to BE BOLD! Whether you are male or female, do not be afraid to ask them out! You will regret it later if you decide to give up before you even try. We are leaving for college anyway so why not take a chance now. Worst case scenario, you get rejected and even then it is a win for you because you just have to be patient and remember that in a few months, you will not ever have to see that person again. On the bright side, you can also just ask someone else to be your date.

What is also essential when asking someone is the timing! Timing is everything. Do not ask them way too late in the year when prom is just two months away. I highly suggest asking them as early as possible, and the latest being before February break. It will only benefit you in the long run. Trust, you do not want to be the last one desperate for a date or have someone else ask that same person you wanted before you get the opportunity to. 

Lastly, it’s time for the clothes! The most important thing when it comes to picking your outfit for prom is that you are comfortable and confident. It’s also important to make sure you are allowed to wear what you pick for prom. If you are wearing a tuxedo, then this may not be an issue for you, but you are going to want to wear something that you can breathe and dance in. A lot of dresses may be super cute, but may not be the most sensible. For a dress, try looking at Glitterati in Danvers, Precious Memories in Malden or The Ultimate in Peabody. A little tip for The Ultimate, is that when you buy a prom dress there, they write down the dress you bought and which prom you are wearing it to, so no one that is going to the same prom can buy the same dress! For tuxedos, try looking at Men’s Warehouse in Medford, Saugus or Cambridge or Precious Memories in Malden. 

In the end, what matters most is that you make prom night your own. Be sure to have fun and make lots of memories, and of course don’t forget about the photos. Your senior prom only happens once, so let’s make it count! 

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