MHS Volleyball Senior Night

Malden High School’s Varsity Volleyball Team pulled through with their final win to end the season with a score of 3-0 against Chelsea High School on Senior Night. Throughout the game, the team displayed passion and drive, which was a clear reflection of the score. 

Deborah De Sousa is a senior that is wrapping up her final volleyball season with the team. Throughout the four years of her volleyball career, she has “been able to make many connections with incredible people.” De Sousa hopes to keep volleyball in her life by volunteering for the boys volleyball teams in the spring. As De Sousa’s skill grew in the sport she also stated that her “perspective has changed since [her] freshman year.” De Sousa has grown to see her teammates as her “equals” rather than “competition.” 

Senior Myo Theingi serving the ball. photo by Roxane Leon
Senior Myo Theingi serving the ball. Photo by Roxane Leon

Brenda Freitas is also finishing her fourth and final season with the Malden High School Varsity Volleyball team. Freitas has had a love for volleyball since the sixth grade when she participated in the local volleyball clinic. Volleyball has created a solid group of friends for her that has carried through all four years of high school. Freitas described this experience as “a coming-of-age movie when you meet the jocks and the jocks stay together all through high school.” Freitas stated that all of her teammates have “different” interests “but the love for volleyball brought them together.” The advice Freitas has to offer for new or incoming players is to “make sure [they] wash [their jerseys].”

Ultimately, the team that was created throughout the seniors’ four years at Malden High School was described as a “family.” Malden High School’s Varsity Volleyball team will not be the same with the loss of the class of 2020 but those left behind will always remember and honor the upcoming graduates.

Kiley Fray

Kiley Fray is a freshman at Malden High School. She also represents Malden in a non-profit organization called Project 351 where she helps out the community. She is a part of Malden High School’s Junior Varsity Field Hockey team. Fray also enjoys softball and is a part of the Feminist club. She does not like to listen to music much. Instead she enjoys watching Netflix, specifically Girlboss. When she graduates Malden High School she aspires to become a lawyer.

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