Football Team Wins Annual Thanksgiving Game Against Medford

Malden High School played against Medford High School during the Thanksgiving Day Game on November 28th, which resulted in a win with a final score of 29-0. Malden’s defense kept Medford’s offense scoreless the entire game preventing Medford from scoring throughout all four quarters. 

Sophomore kicker Ronald Juarez made a 35 yard field goal and scored points for all his kicks after. Touchdowns were scored by Samuel Solorzano. He says that “it felt great and it was really fun, and [he] [could not] ask for a better ending with a great group of guys.” When he was asked if he thought the game was easy he stated that “[they] all worked hard and prepared [their] team, and once [they] got the momentum going, it was easy.” 

During the game, Juarez had a couple of thoughts going through his head, “but [he] just [tried] to be as calm as possible, especially being the kicker [he] just [had] to be calm and not overthink [his] kick.” Another comment he later added was “that for [his] first year playing football and being a kicker [he’d] like to thank all [his] teammates for being there for [him] and making this experience very fun for [him]. [They would] always pick [him] back up when [he’d] made a mistake and always hyped [him] up whenever [he] made [his] kicks. [He remembered] [that] one time [he] missed a kick in the game and they immediately came to [him] and pick[ed] [him] up and told [him] it’s okay. [He] couldn’t ask for a better team than them. [He] consider[s] them a family [and he’s] very thankful for them and the coaching staff at Malden High School.”

Senior Captain Jerry Mervil had a rushing touchdown. He said, “the whole team was in sync with one another and was prepared for everything Medford brought to the table. [They] were ready and [they] just wanted to prove [they] wanted the win more.” 

During the game Senior Captain Peterson Maxis had many thoughts going through his head, such as “to finish strong, to stay optimistic no matter the situation, and to lead [his] team to a victory.” Maxis scored his first touchdown of the season rushing for eight yards. He also mentioned that winning felt normal, because “[they] had finally reached [their] full potential.” 

Maxis wanted people to know that “Malden High School probably has some of the most athletic players around but until they learn to work together nothing will matter.” He continued to add,  “Malden High is slept on but not for long; everything will fall into [place], it will just take time but it starts with the whole school not just players.”

Maxis claims that despite beating Medford there were lots of things the team could have worked on as he mentions “missed blocks, missed tackles, not breaking down or giving 100%; there is always room for improvement.” He also said that “the season [could have] gone better if [the boys] came together earlier as a team. So much potential and so much was going on with the coaching and the players hating to play and not wanting to be there. This happens every year [Malden] always come together toward the end of the season.

Julia Freitas

Julia Freitas is fourteen years old and was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has three half brothers, Matthew, Pablo, and Artur, who live in Minas Gerais, Brazil. She also has an older sister, Tays Alves, that lives in Framingham, Massachusetts along with her dad, Wallace Freitas. Julia lives with her mother, Regina Freitas. She used to live in Waltham and Framingham but moved back to Malden about three times. After high school she hopes to go to college to become an immigration lawyer, since most of her family members tried to come to America. Freitas wants to help people come here legally and safely and be able to stay.

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