Update on Upcoming Plans for Class of 2022

Julie Huynh who is the Class ‘22 Vice President wanted to take this role because she ‘“truly cares about [their] class and [her] fellow classmates and want[ed] to make the next few years memorable.” Sammie Nie who is Treasurer for Class of ‘22 explains she wanted this role because she connects with the students and is willing to “represent them.”

Huynh’s goal for the rest of the year is to be able “to raise enough money” because they did not have a class adviser until later into the school year. Huynh plans to host fundraisers as well as other events, but since they will be hosting Junior Varieties she knows that they will have to put a lot of effort into making it entertaining for everyone that is watching and fun for people performing.

Nie’s goal is very different from Julie’s goal, her plan is to fully “gain the trust” of the Class of ‘22 and “become financially stable.”

By the time it’s June, Huynh hopes to have had one event hosted and creating other ways to raise money, but until then she knows that there is still more work to be done. Being apart of the student council, she knows that she represents her class and “it is [her] job to make sure everyone’s voices are being heard.” Huynh wants to “make sure that [they] take everyone’s opinions into account.” Similarly, Nie wants to make prom more affordable for students and does not want to add any more stress to the students about their financial situation for prom. Nie wants to show that the Class of ‘22 can “make the greatest comeback” from being “unstable at the beginning of this school year.” 

Huynh believes that she has expanded her awareness of events that take place throughout the high school while being a class officer. Also, she also believes that “everyone can have a say” and share their contribution. Huynh hopes to leave Malden High School being content with her choices. Nie believes that being a Class officer makes you feel like the “go-to” person when things happen but still believes that you do not gain “authority” when you are in this position. She states that “earning the trust of the students and the staff makes people feel comfortable trusting your voice.”

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