Boys Basketball Season Opener

Opening a new season with a lot of promise, the Boys Basketball team hopes to improve on their negatives from last season. Starting off the season with a record of 4-7, senior captain Kaydar Al-Hamdani is “not pleased with [the] execution, [he thinks they] can be better!” He believes that the recipe for success is to “believe in [themselves].”

Coming back from a disappointing season where they were inconsistent with executing wins against teams who they thought they could beat. One win short of making the State Tournament; their expectations are “Very high, although [their] record might not show it, [they] are a hard-working team” Al-Hamdani said with a love for the game of basketball they believe “[they] can put up a fight with anybody.” 

Al-Hamdani’s faith in the team is high but he thinks “[he] can personally improve by leading [his] teammates to more victories and playing [his] role.” With very high expectations Al-Hamdani says their “goals are to win games, play together and execute what [their] coach wants [them] to do.” 

The Boys Basketball team shows grit and determination when they go onto the court, “[they] are doing well with blocking out the outside noise, lifting each other up, staying positive, and working hard on a daily basis.” Al-Hamdani added.

After a close win against Tewksbury, that brings them to an overall record of 4-7. In a tight game, the score ended 49-48 and ended with a game-winner from senior captain Berhan Daniel. Late in the game, sophomore Sheldon Wasaja and senior captain David Mervilus tried to attack the rim every chance they got which seemed to be working. This recent win gives the team a huge confidence boost and momentum to continue a winning streak.

With high hopes of making a run in the postseason, the Boys Basketball team hopes to continue playing as a team and consistently at a high level

Anna Silva

Anna Silva is a senior who is returning for her second year in the Blue and Gold. Silva likes being a part of the Blue and Gold because she gets to “express [her] opinions.” She enjoys writing about both sports and local news. Silva, in particular, finds the track team a very “interesting” topic to write about. During her free time, Silva listens to music (of which she doesn’t have any preference to), and watches tv shows like Chicago PD and CSI.

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