I danced on table tops (during a production of Fame: The Musical). I got to go to plenty Friday night games, whether it was getting to play with the band at football games or playing my own softball games for the school’s team. I participated in every single day’s dress-up-theme during Spirit Week and went to every Junior Variety show during my last four years.

My high school years were filled with so many great memories, but The Blue and Gold is responsible for shaping my experience at Malden High. 

In The Blue and Gold, I met some of my very best friends. With them, in that class every year, we learned that we are so much more capable than what we believe ourselves to be. Through hard work and dedication real art can be made where people can enjoy and learn from.

I learned and laughed with the heads and editors before me until eventually I grew into those positions, as Head of Sports then Print Editor in Chief. I hope I was able to teach and make others laugh the way those before did for me.

During our personal journeys at Malden High, I am sure we have all found opportunities to grow and develop a voice. Through The Blue and Gold I was able to find mine and amplify it, as well as the voices of others growing with me. 

Our class has had students break Malden High athletic records that were left untouched for years. We have had some of the most artistically talented individuals grace our Jenkins Auditorium stage. Our classmates have all found their own independent voices and have fought the injustices they have seen, through either speeches or organizing marches and so much more.  

It’s really easy to dwell on everything that has not happened and everything our class has missed out on during this school year. I feel like I hear the phrase all the time, that we are “living through history.”

However, take a moment to think of all the historical events that have happened during our four years in high school. All the movements that have uproared, the changes that have begun, the new perspective and appreciation for life that we have been able to develop over the last year alone. 

These events have allowed us to grow and develop to the young adult we are now. I encourage you all to take the lessons, from the good and bad memories, with yourself as we step into a new phase in our lives. Now that we are on the brink of adulthood and independence, I’ve never felt so much fear and excitement at once.

My time in the Malden High community has taught me so much, about myself and about the beauties and the injustices of our world. I develop new friendships, insecurities, hobbies and interests.  

I am nowhere near ready to say goodbye to Malden High School. There are still more things I want to do. I want one more pep rally, one more softball game, one more band concert, one more musical, one more story to write for the Blue and Gold. 

Everything must continue to move forward and soon we will be proud Malden High graduates, onto the next part of our lives. We will make an impact on everyone we meet and in every place we go.  We will continue to stand tall and fight for what we believe in. We will continue to fear none as we learn to use our voice to slowly, but surely, make changes in our communities. We are the Class of 2021, and it’s been an honor to share this experience with you all.

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