Jennica Ruan and Julie Yu also contributed to this article.

This past year has been an incredibly news-worthy year. We have seen history unfold in front of our very eyes; several major events that have greatly impacted us, our school, our community, and our world. It has been a great year to use the power of student voice and report on all these life changing moments from a beautifully unique perspective. 

We have only produced three print editions this school year, in comparison to our usual eight. This meant that we had to ask ourselves what do we want memorialized in these editions? What stories can capture what is going on at this moment in time? How can The Blue and Gold do justice to its community?  

Our first edition captured the transition that we were all going through. It was our chance to really acknowledge how COVID-19 had impacted our community and students. Malden High was adapting and adjusting to a new learning format and schedule. We looked at the good and bad of the format and what that could mean for the future of the school: maybe a new school schedule for the coming new year, one we seniors will not get to experience but are excited to see how it rolls out. 

Our second edition was focused on the changes happening in our society. We had powerful, opinionated editorials about what minorities, such as Asian Americans and Black Americans, were going through during the social climate at the time. We reported on a historical election, one that had the country on the edge of their seats for days. Vaccines were starting to come out. As we passed the one year mark since COVID-19, Malden High approached a Hybrid schedule, and we were slowly starting to see the end of a long tunnel.  

The third edition, our graduation edition, is focused on the student body. Collectively as a school, we have gone through so much, but at this time of the school year there are signs of summer and normalcy. Junior Varieties, despite its setbacks, still went on and were able to hold an in-person audience both nights. While all three sports seasons were cut short, players were still given the chance to participate under new safety regulations. Fall and spring games were live streamed but also held in-person spectators, giving us back a sense of school spirit.

Like when any senior departs, this is bittersweet for us. Our year is over but it feels like it has just begun. This class is responsible for our friendship: we all met in The Blue and Gold newsroom during our freshmen year. We made each other laugh every day we saw each other, we supported one another through all that high school threw at us, we grew into the people we are today together. 

The Blue and Gold is such a vital part of the Malden High community. It is a great tradition and it is also a wonderful platform. Every single student who is part of this grows and learns about the power they hold. It is such a beautiful community that we have built in that newsroom. It has grown strong over the last 100 years, and it will continue to for 100 more. There has never been more need for honest journalism than now, and what better way than to hear it from the unique voices of the members of The Blue and Gold. Thank you all for the opportunities you have given us. 

(Left to right) Jennica Ruan, Julie Yu, and Sandra Rivadeneira. Photo submitted by Rivadeneira.

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