By JESSICA LYNN DEPAULA and JAMES MAZARAKIS It has been a while since the gymnastics team has met up, and this time they must take the early part of the season in a slightly different way. With a large number of new athletes joining the team, they have taken some time in learning the various equipments that are used from high school to Olympic gymnastics: The uneven bars, balance beams, and vault. It takes several gymnasts alone to set up the high bars before usage, making the first week on the team a learning experience for all.

With their first competition more than a month away, the team is still independently trying each activity out, feeling the inches-wide bar under their feet and the chalk and bars under their fingers. For a sport where there are often many returning members, the more experienced gymnasts will have to take the many less-experienced ones under their wings, and with the help of their coach Vanessa James, this will inevitably be accomplished.


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