From the Editor: Meet Singapore’s Siren Syrena

As of October, 2015, Singapore’s first Mermaid School is attempting to create the nation’s first pod. The founder of the school, Cara Nicole Neo, is a mermaid performer who also operates under the name Syrena. Singapore’s Mermaid School includes a curriculum centered around mermaid theory, which Syrena herself teaches, that has four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. People of all ages are invited to come and learn about mermaid culture, proper tail care, and participate in mermaid core work exercises “to strengthen and tone the muscles [they will] need to swim with [their] mermaid sisters,” according to the school’s website. Syrena herself also says that “we [at the school] believe that to truly be a mermaid, we must immerse ourselves in the mermaid world, learning all there is to know about these beautiful creatures.” It is also possible to book Syrena for appearances at birthday parties and corporate events. In total, tuition costs for Singapore’s Mermaid School total at $490 for five sessions, depending on whether or not the student wishes to purchase a tail from the school.


For more information on Singapore’s Mermaid School, click here.

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