Q and A with Damian Aufiero

1.What makes you inspired to advise the debate team?

Honestly, a few students asked me to advise the team this year and I agreed on a very limited basis. This is a completely student-run organization, with the club's members deciding where and when to compete, how to get there, and what events to do. To that end these students are inspiring - they are self-starters, self-motivating, and self-monitored, and that has bred success for them this year.

2.What has the debate team accomplished?

The team has competed in two tournaments, and already three of the team members have a bid from those events. Two bids automatically qualifies an individual for the state tournament, so Harrison Zeiberg, Jasper Haag, and Efran Himmel are halfway there.

3.Is there anyone that you feel had improved a lot? If so, why?

I've just met most of these students, but any Freshman in the club is automatically a success story. In addition, Harrison Zeiberg, the co-president, is doing a great job in a new role for him this year. I have Harrison in class, so to see that other side of him is a good surprise.

4.When is the debate team meetings?

The team meets every Thursday.

5.Where is the debate team meetings?

Often in my room (B336) after school until about 3, but if I'm unavailable they will meet in the library.


Q and A with Harrison Zeiberg

1.What inspired you to do this?

My family did Speech and Debate, and I wanted to follow their example.

2.When did you start?

I started my Freshman year. The team started at least in the early 2000’s probably before.

3.What are your goals?

To get to states, and have the whole team qualify team.

4.What is the biggest achievement you have accomplished?

Getting a bid for states. A bid is what qualifies you for states, you need two to go.

5.Why do you like to debate?

I get to talk about a lot of interesting things, with a lot of interesting people.

6.How would you describe the debate team?

Small, fun, and interesting.

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