Class of ’22 Profile: Event Coordinator Mayada Giha

   Throughout the past three years, the Class of 2022 has pushed through and struggled through the slog of 2020 and 2021. Many classes may have failed spectacularly when it comes to fundraising and events, but with the help of Event Coordinator Mayada Giha, the Class of 2022 has flourished in that area.

Initially, when Giha ran, she was afraid she would not be able to dedicate much time to the student council. However, she felt as though it was important for her to assist her class navigate the pandemic and ended up making it work. “I had many ideas for JVs and making it work amidst the pandemic and so I impulsively decided to run for JV coordinator,” adding that she was “eager to share the plans I had for the show.”

Overall, one of the biggest challenges Giha faced was the pandemic and the way it impacted their fundraising methods. Not only was contact limited, but it was also difficult for businesses to contribute as they were also suffering from the impact COVID had on them. This was especially difficult to navigate when it came to Junior Varieties. “Not only did we have to overcome the challenge of planning during a pandemic where there were limitations and restrictions that left us responsible to make sure all protocols were followed, but we also had to gather enough acts which was difficult with students being remote.”

The difficulties the pandemic presented only added to the stress of being the Event Coordinator. Giha and her fellow coordinator, Tivian Nguyen, had to ensure each of the events and fundraisers would be worthwhile to hold. “There is so much that goes into planning a fundraiser that it was important that we would have an ideal outcome and not have wasted the time spent planning the event when another may have been more rewarding.” In addition to this, the times made it difficult to spread the word, although social media did present itself as a useful tool.

Overall, Giha is quite proud of how the Class of 2022 shined in the past couple of years. Giha expressed that it was an uphill battle with the pandemic and the rush to find a class advisor, but “considering the challenges we've faced, we have accomplished a lot and have made senior traditions possible.”

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