Students Jump Into the New Year With Some Resolutions

5..4..3..2..1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Picture yourself in your home, Times Square, or at church with friends and family. The clock has just hit 12:00 AM, making it New Year’s Day, bringing excitement into the community’s hearts. This day means something uniquely different for everybody, but ultimately it is a joyous occasion for most. 

Jene-Elizabeth Jean-Nestin, a senior at Malden High School, has an annual tradition that her family stays loyal to. Everybody gathers around their home to pray, enjoy the festivities, and ultimately have fun. One of the dishes that she eats during this holiday is “Soup Joumou,” a Haitian dish that is normally enjoyed during the approach of a new year. This is also similar to how senior Leilah St-Fort chooses to celebrate this wondrous holiday.  

As 2023 peers its head in closer, people are now preparing a new set of batteries to power up the strength to bring their goals to life. These are known as New Year’s Resolutions, where people will come up with curated aspirations for themselves that they have most likely put off until a special situation presents itself. However, St Fort believes that she doesn’t need an official time period to come up with resolutions. Although many still do enjoy the preparation that goes into this new year hoping to become a brand new version of themselves. 

In the year of 2023 Jean-Nestin and St-Fort both want to work on becoming more pocket friendly. “A long-term resolution for myself is that I want to budget my money better,” stated St-Fort.

New Years day signifies new beginnings for other people who have especially felt scorned by other previous years. 2022 has taken a lot from people and dragged others through the dirt which has left a large population stripped of their energy and strength. Even though there were good moments that can always be remembered, the majority of people are ready to wrap up 2022 and open up the gift of a new start. Leilah expresses that she has many high hopes for this new year and sees it as a “new season” or a “new era.”

During this festive event, there’s a lot of pressure for one to rebrand themselves and change. The backstory behind New Year’s Day does not help to relieve this conspicuous feeling either. Regardless of that, there are still people that decide to reject this social norm and come as they are. The transformation that New Year’s Day hints at us can sometimes be too big of a task to carry, and overwhelming so it’s understandable that some would rather have everything stay the same or be a constant in their lives.

People are not the only ones who make immense changes in their lives but rather companies also benefit from this festive holiday by temporarily changing their image. These companies can include clothing stores, online websites such as Amazon, and a lot more. This would usually lead to a spike of money that goes into their bank accounts.

Ultimately, New Year’s Day looks uniquely different for everybody. A right way to celebrate does not exist and it can be spent doing anything. It is a special moment in time when you make the best of it with whoever you may choose. Happy Holidays!

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