Class of 2024 Prepares for Junior Varieties

The new year comes with a variety of activities and people. JVs (short for Junior Varieties) is a student-based show with the aspect of talent and showing off what you can do. Held by juniors (CO’24) and their advisors Kristen Kirby, Shannon Votaw, and Jessica Webber. 

Rules of entering into the JV follow the athletic office rubric. Students performing must sign a form with the group member(s) names to check the grades of each participant. Members on the forum cannot change after January 20, 2023. 

The next FLEX cycle the coordinators with be hosting JV-related sessions. Students are encouraged to get ads for the ad book to raise as much money as possible, whether from small businesses, larger scale businesses, and people who have performed in past years.

Class Advisor Kirby says, “We’ve been doing this for 11 years and we wanted to keep the tradition going. If anything, most students really enjoy the acts and sometimes even join in the next year…I think it's a great thing for the school.”

Other Class Advisor Webber exclaims, “I’m excited this year, there are a lot of new faces and a lot more talents displayed during auditions. I think that this is going to be our biggest year.” 

Third Advisor Votaw continues, “We’ve put a lot of preparations into this year. I recently had a meeting with the other people that also use the band room and auditorium.”

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