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    Black Culture Club

    by  • October 30, 2017 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    Malden High School is introducing a brand new club, the Black Culture Club. The club was created to help educate students about past and present black heritage. Since the school does not have any events that acknowledge black heritage, the club members also hope to plan to have a show expressing its history and...

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    A Look Into Students of the Fells

    by  • March 10, 2017 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    BY EMRAUDE BONNET & JEMISHA SYLIANT  On Tuesday March 7th, you might have noticed a man standing outside the cafeterias, next to a bulletin board, talking about going to the woods. If you missed him or didn’t really pay attention, here’s another opportunity for you. Checking out this club could really benefit you and...

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    A Look Into Everything Club

    by  • March 9, 2017 • Homepage, Local • 0 Comments

    Everything Club is a new, recently formed club here at Malden High. It was formed by sophomores, Sarah Marinho, Samantha Duragano, and Blue and Gold member Neden Bernardin, with its advisor being an English teacher, Pasquale DiBenedetto. Every week the club focuses on a different topic or theme which they discuss or do activities...

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